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In order to glorify God by bearing much fruit, Jervis Bay Baptist Church exists to lead people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. We exist so that people in our community will have every opportunity to become followers of Jesus Christ.

Direction Principle: Connecting

The highest priority of Jervis Bay Baptist Church is to be an outward focused church that prioritises reaching those who are unsaved. We are committed to being a church that encourages members to invite their unsaved and unchurched friends. We will find ways to be intentionally connected with our community as a positive Christian presence that draws people to us and then Christ.

Direction Principle: Spiritual Maturity

A significant and supporting priority of Jervis Bay Baptist Church shall be helping believers to become grounded in the Christian faith, to encourage one another, and to grow in their participation with the Body of Christ

Direction Principle: Ministry

A significant and supporting priority of Jervis Bay Baptist Church shall be equipping, deploying and empowering each believer for a significant ministry by developing their God-given gifts, talents and experiences.

Direction Principle: Belonging

A significant and supporting priority of Jervis Bay Baptist Church shall be the gathering together of God’s people. This will take place in various forms, all with the same goal of providing opportunity for transforming lives and the worship of our Lord and Saviour, Christ Jesus.

Our Leadership Structure

Administration Team

 Manages things including
• legal,
• financial,
• property,
• union and
• general administration.

Care Team

Cares for people
• the hospitalised and sick,
• those in crisis or in acute or chronic need,
• those in disunity  with the fellowship,
• those in spiritual danger and
• people new to the church

Mission Ministry Team

• Assess, encourage, resource and grow existing ministries
• Develop new ministry initiatives
• Maintain the mission focus of the church in the local community
• Community relations and promotion
• Connecting new Christians into the life of the church.

Vision Team

Guides and encourages the Church by developing and supporting the Guiding Principles of the Church. These include:
• Direction Principles – tell us where we are going, and include a concise mission statement [why we exist] and a handful of key components which have measurable goals.
• Boundary Principles – provide the limitations the Pastoral Team Leader must work within to achieve the Direction Principles.
The Vision Team shall ensure that the governance of the Church is healthy.

Pastor: Position Vacant

Due to the retirement in 2023 of our previous pastor Bruce Spencer, we are currently in an interim phase of our journey, working through a pastoral search process. Our interim paster Farhad Kahn is due to leave us March 2024 for his permanent position. We have been blessed to have Farhad with us.


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