Bruce SpencerPastor

Rev Bruce Spencer has been pastor at Jervis Bay Baptist church since May 2011. He believes in the ministry of all believers and sees his role as supporting, enabling and encouraging people in the ministry we all do together. 


Administration Team 

Manages things including

  • legal,
  • financial,
  • property,
  • union and
  • general administration.


Care Team

Cares for people

  • the hospitalised and sick,
  • those in crisis or in acute or chronic need,
  • those in disunity  with the fellowship,
  • those in spiritual danger and
  • people new to the church


Mission and Ministry Team

Creates and resources ministry. Focused on :

  • Assess, encourage, resource and grow existing ministries
  • Develop new ministry initiatives
  • Maintain the mission focus of the church in the local community
  • Community relations and promotion
  • Connecting new Christians into the life of the church.


Vision Team

The Vision Team is to be a mature, reflective and consultative body of people who guide and encourage the Church by developing and supporting the Guiding Principles of the Church. These include:

  • Direction Principles - tell us where we are going, and include a concise mission statement [why we exist] and a handful of key components which have measurable goals.
  • Boundary Principles – provide the limitations the Pastoral Team Leader must work within to achieve the Direction Principles.

The Vision Team shall ensure that the governance of the Church is healthy.


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